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Weight Loss

Most often we know why we are overweight, over eating, eating the wrong foods, comfort eating, lack of exercise, etc. With hypnotherapy you can address the problems in your subconscious mind and change the way you eat and exercise day by day, without having to go back to dieting ever.

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Weight loss by hypnotherapy need not be a long drawn out process, many clients need only three or four sessions, some only require two. Make that long awaited change today book your appointment with Hylands Hypnopnotherapy.

Gastric Banding by Hypnotherapy

As a psychologist I don’t believe gastric banding is the right way way to lose weight.

I believe it is best to change a few things a little and therefore lose weight steadily and slowly and keep it off for life.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by teaching your unconscious mind the correct choices. It is a lovely relaxing process.